Colorado 4x4 Girls

"Stewardship. Education. Sisterhood.”
​The only all women’s off road club committed to stewardship and dedicated to education, while empowering women through sisterhood.

"When I first stumbled across the group on Facebook and saw what the group did to help bring awareness to Suicide Prevention I thought that was awesome! I saw that the group was pretty pretty strict to living in Colorado (which makes sense). My husband and I have six acres in Cheyenne and we quite often went into Colorado so I messaged Cat to see if it was okay that I request to join. I was stoked to help out where I could, I went to my first meet & greet and decided to join. As events started to pile up I was beginning to see time I had available. Well, on Memorial Day my house was hit by a tornado, everything was destroyed. So while all the events started happening we were working on getting our house/life back on track (still am). Anyway, after the tornado hit I messaged Cat and told her I probably wouldn’t be able to do anything for a while and would probably need to be taken out of the group (I knew I wouldn’t be able to contribute and meet the group requirements). She didn’t take me out of the group, instead, she immediately asked if we were all okay and if she could help in anyway. Elaine also messaged me to make sure we were okay and asked if she or the group could help in any way. This group is definitely awesome for the work they do and looking out for one another."

                                        -Heather Nicole Gifford

"Colorado Jeep Girls is not just another Jeep club! I suffer from chronic pain and severe anxiety due to a car accident that happened a few years ago. Getting out into the community has been a struggle of mine, but entering a world full of passionate, beautiful and warm women who share such an exciting hobby has been a blessing for me. These are some of the most intelligent, funny, compassionate, open-hearted women I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. It’s not just another group of Jeepers; these are a group of hard working women who truly enjoy what they do, enjoy teaching others and most importantly give back to the community. Joining this club has been one of the best adventures I’ve been on in Colorado and I look forward to all the wonderful memories to come with these ladies!"

​                          -Nicole Lukela

"As a remote employee, I do not get the opportunity to socialize as much as I did when I worked in an office. After my local friends all moved, I had no one left to go out and do things with that were not my husbands cup of tea. I knew quickly I’d need to find something. I love to get out and be active. After joining a few Facebook Jeep groups, I found a post for the first annual Be Heard! Off Road Show. I was unable to make it to the event, but was drawn to the idea of a group of strong, independent women. Colorado Jeep Girls support each other, teach each other and bond over our mutual love of Jeeps. After my first trial event, I knew I had found my soul sisters. Each event I go to I meet someone new and realize we are a crazy diverse group and I love that!"

​                                      -Shannon Howell-Sheldon

"From the time I was a little girl I have loved Jeeps! Not just because they were cool, fun looking and you could take the top off, but also because they represented the ideal of going where others cannot, hair blowing in the wind, excitement of journies you could take as well as the tribe and culture of people who drove them excited me! My Wrangler feeds my adventurous spirit for being able to head to the mountains to ski in winter, spend summers exploring and desire to follow the path less traveled, exploring ghost towns, finding new trails and life in the wild. Finding the Colorado Jeep Girls a little over a year ago has completed my ideal of Jeep ownership by being a part of an amazing tribe of women who don’t have to wait for a man to define them, to take them off-roading, go camping, fix their own Jeep or give them permission to explore the world, nature and majestic back countries and pathways. This tribe of women; now my tribe, are a group of strong, beautiful, funny, adventurous and empowered women who hold each other up, stand side by side in the world, and on the trail. We support one another, support our community and help take care of the beautiful Colorado outdoor spaces by being responsible on the trail, cleaning up adopted trails and helping to educate others about how to explore Colorado in a respectful manner. We have camped together, spent time on the trail, in a cabin, in training, in serving our communities together, laughed, cried and had fun together. Each one is unique, from different backgrounds, jobs, ages, interests and stages in life but we all share the desire to be inclusive and love our Jeeps! I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing group of Colorado Jeep Girls!"

​                                        -Denise Wylde

Colorado's All female 4x4 Club

""Not your average Jeep Club." Colorado Jeep Girls (CJG) is not your average social media based club. CJG is a group of incredibly diverse women located all across the state of Colorado brought together by common interests and a sense of purpose. The women of CJG are active in the off-road community while using this platform to raise awareness for suicide prevention, anti-bullying, and the protection and preservation of our beautiful state. CJG stays true to their mission while creating a welcoming environment for new members to learn and grow. Personally, my favorite aspect of Colorado Jeep Girls is that the friendships have extended well beyond the off-road world. These women have become my family and I can count on them for practically anything. If you are looking to join a group of women who are ready to off-road, hike, camp, road trip, or float alpine lakes on giant unicorns... CJG is for you."

​                                           -Alyssa Stock

"Found Colorado Jeep Girls while going through a divorce, I kept the house and I kept the Jeep, the 2 priorities.  What I was looking for was some people who liked to wheel and get away as much as I did, I found that here, but I also found so much more.  Getting brave enough to go to my first meet was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I met real women who are as passionate about community and friendship as they are about their rigs.  I have found friends in this group whom I never would have met otherwise and they are some of the most grounded and honestly good people you will meet.  There is a sense of community that you experience whenever we are together and an outpouring of support for anyone who needs it is always there.  Because of this sisterhood, I have felt comfortable serving on the board and will continue to contribute in whatever ways I can to make Colorado Jeep Girls a safe environment that accepts everyone and keeps making new memories."

                    -Elaine Pellmann

"Colorado Jeep Girls is more than a club, it's a sisterhood with amazing, passionate, caring women who were brought together for our love of Jeepin'. We learn and teach each other without judgement. I've learned a lot about myself and my rig in the last year. We're constantly giving back to our community!"

​                             -Feydra VanSickle

"I can’t say enough on how amazing CJG is. These girls have truly become a family to me and saved my life when I was wondering down a dark path. I've been out so much this summer from camping to trail clean ups.
My favorite trip by far was our Girls Only Camping Trip where Britt scared Catherine, Sarah and I thinking she saw a mountain lion when it was just a fox.
I can’t thank these girls enough for the friendship and love that they have given and continue giving."
                               -Stephanie Kler